July 30th

Dropped in on the friend with the new baby – still in the throes of euphoria about the fact that she created and brought into the world this new being.

So I took my kids and husband with me, just to bring her back down to earth. Let her experience some reality.

And couldn’t help but present her with some practicals – you know, bibs, nappies, and a bucketload of cloth nappies. For cleaning up crap. Literally. You can never have too many of those (damnit, I’m still using them).

So, aside from sharing a dummy with the baby, eating the entire contents of her fridge, refusing to eat the fabulous lunch she cooked, stating it (the baby) “smelt funny”, removing every stuffed toy from the babies room and scattering them throughout the house, attempting to feed the baby the “funny smelling” lunch, and finally providing a very realistic version of WWF wrestling – albeit with shorter people – in her lounge room using the cushions from her new couch, the boys were pretty well behaved.

That should bring her back to reality her for a couple of months.

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