July 31st

Ooh, today was exciting. I was invited to attend a very important meeting as part of my work experience placement.

Which also meant I got a bit of a sleep in, or at least I didn’t have to get up as early as normal to get ready for “work”. Still got up early because of the short person in the house who is unable to sleep past 6am.

Which also meant that I got to do all the school related duties that I stupidly thought I’d managed to delegate only last week.

At least could do it in jarmies this morning. That takes a load off.

Fortunately, my crushed look shirts where washed and were quitely crushing in the bottom of the “awiating folding” basket. Along with my not-crush look pants. With the missing button.

No time to iron and sew. Or iron or sew. Will just have to manage to pull off looking sophisticated and officious wearing overchrushed, crushed look shirt, and crushed look pants that won’t sit right.

Now just need the inevitable badge of the working mother – the badge of honour, the artful brooch given lovingly by the toddler.

Ah, there it is, the streak of snot just above the left breast.

Perfect. Am now ready to commence my day, to venture out in to the world of the working people, to hold my head high and shout “I am woman. Hear me roar.”

Or at the very least, scream, “Hurry up and fucking get dressed, we need to leave NOW!! And don’t you come near me again with that filthy face. Go and see your father!”

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