July 3rd

Back to uni this morning – no holidays this year for some reason to do with being organised or something. I could really do with a holiday, too.

Then off shopping with a friend. No kids for me, but she needed to bring her kids along – which is fine. Better 2 little boys than 4 I always say. Only had to stop for food 3 times, so not a bad effort. And the toilet about 7. We did well.

But the best bit of all was being able to honestly say “Oh, no they’re not mine”.

At the bit where they walked in on all the ladies trying stuff on. Many of whom were shirtless. Or pantsless.

Its not that I haven’t said “Oh, no, they’re not mine” before – its just every other time I’ve said it, I haven’t been able to say it honestly. You have no idea how great that feels.

Then had book club, where inevitably we end up discussing the behaviour of our children & partners, and rarely the book. Which in this case was OK, as I’ve read up to page 23. We usually read longer books than that. Much longer. So 23 pages is not a good effort.

I shared with them my newfound disciplinary technique of consuming large blocks of chocolate in front of kids whilst telling them off. Looks like its a winner, many of them vowing to try it out as soon as they get the opportunity.

Watch out Super Nanny! Looks like there’s gonna be a coup!

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