Jumping in the Evening (alternative title: Jump you Mother Jumper!)

Sunday p.m.

After a quiet morning, perusing books and listening to a children’s book author, I geared myself up, even further, for my impending leap out of a plane.

I was SOOOOOOO excited!

And then I got word that the cloud cover was too great, and the entire day’s schedule of Mother Jumpers jumping had been somewhat delayed. I was scheduled for a 4.00p.m. takeoff … so things weren’t looking fabulous.

Also, my next four weeks are choc-a-block, and I barely have time to breath, let alone reschedule a skydive.

Besides, I was really, really looking forward to the peace and quiet that comes with falling through space at 200km an hour at 14,000 feet. Do you know how quiet it is up there?

It’s truly, indescribably blissful. I really hoped they would not take that moment away from me, today.

I had a snooze, mostly to kill time, partly because the last few days have been somewhat stressful, and decided I’d head in anyway, and support the other Mother Jumpers.

The gods must have heard my pleas, as the planets aligned and a phone call came saying “If you can be here in an hour, we can put you on a plane!”

“I CAN BE THERE IN FIVE MINUTES!” I said, quietly, blasting the poor girl’s eardrums out and causing a car or two to swerve around my Happy Dancing In A Car Park. As it turns out, I happened to be passing their office when the call came.

I quickly did an about turn, and Happy Danced at the counter as I signed any and all disclaimers she thrust my way.

Then I had to wait.

And get changed into comfier clothing, which I did,

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