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With the impending influx of in-laws tomorrow – because we invited them – and the long neglected tidying of house, or so it appears given the mess everywhere, although I’m fairly sure we went through this same process last weekend and several times during the week, a Tidy Up and Clean was scheduled. Along with The Grocery Shopping Including Party Foods.

It kicked off with an 8.00am game of basketball – our very first at this time – where Godzilla’s team were kicking some serious bum (this week – the comp has so few under 10 boys team that they’ve combined grades A, B and C. You know, for variety) and the awesomeness of the coach had arranged for some strategic passing of the ball to the lesser experienced players on our team. Of which there were two. Godzilla being one of them.

He’s the kid that runs up the court way after everyone else, skips a bit, watches the scoreboard count down, stands twiddling his thumbs and occasionallyparticipates in the game when he’s on court. He’s getting better, however.

So, today, there were some very specific instructions to the rest of the team about passing to these two boys, and to the two boys about “catching and dribbling” and “catching and shooting”. All very good.

Until Godzilla, standing at the top of the key, rebounded the ball, quite by accident, and panicked. All this talk of pushy parents, and “my son is the best” stuff you hear about went out he window, as eight parents on the sideline stoood up and yelled “SHOOT!!!!!!” repeatedly.

In hindsight, it was probably not the thing to do, as he kinda freaked a bit. But did manage to bounce pass the ball to a more experienced player who got a goal. He was quite proud of himself and we heard all about it for the rest of the day.

Home again. Much yelling and passing on of instructions in order to have our floor returned to us for the purpose of vacuuming. Well, not even that really. We just wanted to be able to walk on it. Eventually ended up setting timers and handing out serious threats about shopping and the non-purchase of yellow food colouring for birthday cake. It worked.

Dragged Monkey Boy along with me, and as we’re leaving, Grumpy had slight meltdown, and Chippie came along as well. I drew the line at taking all three, and advised Grumpy if he played his cards right, he could coerce Godzilla into doing something constructive.


Thus, the shopping trip required two trolleys, as one was now partly taken up by a toddler, and consisted of much being rammed in the back of the feet and legs. Monkey Boy also felt that pushing one trolley up to the other and placing Chippie’s feet in it would also be of immense benefit and make it easy to push. Also, he is shit at calming a now tantrumming toddler, who wanted his feet to remain in the other trolley. By isle three, I was nearing foetal position.

Shopping finally completed, Monkey Boy decides leaving me to get up the escalator with two trolleys entirely on my own is a great idea and elicits a panicked “get here now!” from me, and causes much turning heads and glaring and crazy woman screaching at child. Thankfully, Christmas is approaching and this is a common scenario and no one is terribly fussed.

Back home for some more tidying and sorting and cleaning so the house can be invaded tomorrow and we will wonder why we went to the effort of it all.

Decide to query Monkey Boy re the now located Blu Tack.

“Is this the bit that went up your nose? Dad found it in the hall, squished.”

“Umm. It could be. Let me see,” and I handed it over so he could immediately stuff it up his nose.

It was all I could do not to shake my head, mutter “for fucks sake, you’re an idiot” (AGAIN!) and wander off.

Unfortunately, I failed and did mutther “for fucks sake, you’re an idiot” (AGAIN!)

At least we know that it came out, though.

I think I’ll go and bake his cake for tomorrow.

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