Just like magic

My morning disclosed the extent of yesterday’s website breakage disasater; essentially everything I did was gone.


Until I found most of it hiding. Progress was had and I was feeling somewhat happy and smiley and productive as I took the offspring to swimming lessons.

Chippie appears to be recovering from the episode a few weeks back, where he fell into the pool and sunk to the bottom whilst performing the only safe entry I have ever seen him willingly attempt at a time he was asked to perform it. He is now beyond where he left off and is now entering crazy, no-fear stage. Which is always good for getting the heart rate up.

That is what you need for exercise, right? Increased heart rate? It’ll decrease the size of my bum, yes?

One can only hope.

Arrive home wiht relatively happy children. Possibly because they provided me no cause to yell at them, therefore they were not yelled at. Therefore, everyone happy.

Turn the oven on at the fuse box, pour wine, turn oven on and set about getting the incredibly complex meal of frozen fish and chips, accompanied by steamed dim sims, together.

Faff about for a bit whilst the oven heats up, feeling productive and like I can acheive anything. Well, that may be taking it a bit far. Maybe acheive a shower sometime before 8.00pm and a bit of work done. Way more than usual, at any rate.

And just like that, like a magician – clearly one with an evil sense of humour – my plans for the evening meal, and why stop there, my entire evening, vanished before my eyes with a barely audible, and rather understated “poof” a teensy puff of smoke and the oven keeled over and died right before my eyes.

Damn it.

Of course, by now much wine had been attended to, and I had a horrible moment when I thought the remaining 3/4 of a glass had also vanished.

Phew. It turns out my brain was overcome by the now need to completly rethink the evening meal.

Things were still, just, going my way. My wine reappeared and there was one packet of pasta in the cupboard.

The only thing that could usurp fish and chips for dinner in my house is pasta.


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