Just put it back where it belongs

I’m sure when women become mothers they contract a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

And Grumpy is convinced of it!

You see, for me its not about obsession or perfectionism, its about making my life easier.

If the cups are put in the cupboard a certain way, they’re easier to get out. If things are stacked neatly, and put in the designated spot – yes, the spot I have designated for it so that it is easy to locate and retreive – then all would be fine.

I mean, its not like the stickers on the cupboards are hard to read. Or that the Tupperware isn’t stackable; its very stackable, labelled and allocated a spot according to its use. Very simple.

Why can no-one else in the house understand this?

And why do they then get upset when I get pissed off because I can’t find something because it hasn’t been put back properly?

Oh, for fucks sake, and why does Monkey Boy have to be so frigging obsessed with his trains?

Why does he have to get so upset because Godzilla had Thomas the Tank Engine pulling a truck? Or when he lets the diesels mix with the steamies?

Why does it always end in yelling from Monkey Boy and tears from Godzilla?

Why, why, why?

I have no idea where he gets this obsessive, anal behaviour from! Argh!

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