Keeping Kids In Line – a new invention

Monkey Boy is determined to invent something.

He is a thinker. A deep thinker. An over thinker at times.

(And, what with being an 11 year old boy, totally thoughtless at other times … but that’s a different issue.)

He is constantly looking for ideas and solutions to problems. He has already come up with multiple, incredibly amazing ideas for products. Sadly, all of them have already been invented. Which makes his sad and frustrated.

He has moments of inspiration, and I have moments of frustration and an equal level. Those hours … or days, as the case may be … consist of him interrupting me multiple times every minute saying “What about a ….?”

He is starting to think a little more about his ideas before voicing them. Which is a good thing, really.

Thus it was, last night, we were having a cuddle in bed and he got thinking and tossed around a few ideas, we discussed the pros and cons and workability of each.

“Urgh,” he said. “Why can’t I think of something?!”

“Ok,” he says, turning to me. “What is something that happens every day that is hard and you would like to make it easier?”

“My kids,” I reply. “I’d like them to just listen every morning so we can get out the door without drama. But I’ve already invented something to deal with that.”

(Talking, of course, of my Mayhem Managers that I created and use every single day :))

“So has someone else,” he replies. “They’re called ‘tasers’.”

I love that he is so thoughtful and thinking.

More than that, however, I love his sense of humour.

And on that note, I kissed him goodnight and wished him a good sleep.

(Then went and googled to see if one could purchase a taser online, to manage the weekday morning routines.)

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