Kid Logic

On the phone and the fighting starts.

Of course.

They were perfectly well behaved, quiet and entertained just before the phone rang.

Maybe I need to put it on silent and work out some other way that it is ringing. So they don’t know.

Ah, no. They will always know.

I hear a slap and a scream. Then some yelling (mostly “no”). Then Godzilla comes in. His thumb has been bitten. Its his Sucking Thumb, so he is inconsolable.

I gently take him off my lap and hide in the vegetable crisper in the fridge to complete my call.

I ask how his thumb got into his brothers mouth, and was told he didn’t like his fumb to be bitten.

I ask why his fu – thumb – was bitten. Apparently his “bruvver” is being naughty.

Surely there is a correct question to ask in order to get to the core of the issue.

I ask why his brother bit him, he says becuase he doesn’t like it.

I ask if he did something to his brother.

“I dus punch him. But I don’ like him biting my fumb”

Is it safe to have them both locked outside at the same time?

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