Kids Business, Big Business

Another day socialising with brands and bloggers and helping out my mate, Christie of Kids Business, with another brilliant event organised for bloggers and brands.

This time, friends, family, fellow bloggers and readers were invited to come along. Despite my being very busy and important for the day, I invited my family along as well. The kids have far too much fun and keep asking when the next one is. So, I figured I’d let them know about it.

I had to be in somewhat earlier than I wanted them there, and did my thing where I woke at 4.13 a.m. and wanted to go back to sleep but was extremely worried I wouldn’t wake in time and be late. So I caffeined up, head on in and got organised.

Again, the room was filled with some amazing brands, and shortly afterwards, filled with brilliant women, their friends, their kids, and their husbands who all put in requests for a Dad’s Corner. I sent them all out to the Macro Organic Meats BBQ, where sausages where the go. And they made their way around the McCormick’s food, as well.

(As did my children, the eldest of whom adores the Honey & Soy Marinade in a bag, and ate several servings whilst there. It appears, given the haul I discovered when I eventually arrived home, well after they did, that Honey & Soy chicken, marinated in a bag, will be the only option for dinner for the next six months. Had words to him about the concept of “sharing” … *sigh*)

Philadelphia of cream cheese fame were inundated; quite possibly due to the chocolate cheese cake factor, and Micador; possibly due to lots of crafty things and keeping children entertained factor.

Chippie kept himself occupied and happy by not only securing himself a Dyson Ball, a replica Dyson vac for kids.

And eating cupcakes.

Then screwing up the paper, throwing it on the floor and “vacuuming” it up. He was terribly impressed with his new toy.

Hallmark also had the kids covered with a new, innovative and not yet available product for pre-teen kids; Text Bands (which my kids coveted … and secured themselves one each)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to the Chocolate Diet (but when I arrived home, I did discover a box of Cadbury’s cocoa and several packets of cooking chocolate and choc chips in my bag. I don’t think these had anything do with the Chocolate Diet though, and may have been the fault of Philadelphia and my children. Just sayin’)

I also missed Medibank, but apparently they were fabulously informative and had Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword, so, you know, everyone was happy.

The kids topped up with some SPC Fruity Jelly from a pouch, and played with the interactive giant apple (it was awesome! and rather fun to watch being wheeled out afterwards … I had visions of it escaping the grasp of it’s handlers and marauding down the banks of the Yarra River at Federation Square). Anyhoo, the kids were entertained and jumping around in a contained area.

Speaking of the Yarra River, and unfortunately, I missed this demonstration, but Cleansui apparently obtained a glassfull of said river, filtered it through their unique system, cleaned it and drank it! As far as I’m aware, no one died or became ill. Godzilla also won himself a system after drinking all their water and telling them how fabulous it was. Nothing like a bit of flattery.

Monkey Boy, on the other hand, could not resist and asked if the system were capable of “turning urine into water”. At least he used slightly more sophisticated terminology and didn’t say “piss”. I disowned him, anyway.

(Afterwards, speaking with the Cleansui folk,

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  1. …And after all that you still found time to write a post – amazing! You scored a great pic with Jo Stanley! Thanks as always for your lovely support. It was definitely a big day and was great to catch up with bloggers, readers and other social mums over a delicious lunch… Still dreaming about the philly cake

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