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Despite my severe lack of class, ability or domesticity during the week, I successfully managed to not only get up out of bed this morning, deliver all three children to their respective places of education, I also had the ability to decide to leave the car at the last school I dropped a child off at and catch public transport into the City.

I not only navigated the Myki system, but also achieved a topping up of my Myki card relatively easily.

I even made it to my destination not on time, but half an hour early!

It is the reason I had to come home last night not party on ’til 3.00a.m. like some did … the latest in the series of Kids Business Bloggers Brunches, which I just love going along to (and helping out again because I think they’re fabulous!)

The delightful girls from Kambrook were in attendance yet again, and it was fabulous to catch up and scheme some evil schemes with them! More on that once I get past Mums’ Night Out! and get my stuff organised!

Brauer and their pertroleum-free paw paw cream were also in attendance, with a change to the packaging of their baby range, but also something for growed up peoples! Hurrah! They have not only turned their paw paw stuff into a chap stick kind of thing, but added a touch of colour and created a Paw Paw Lip Shimmer Range (purdy!)

Ooh, and Yumi’s dips and toppers were there – and the people who work for Yumi’s, too, which was nice as they fed us dips. Although, I’m fairly sure I could successfully have consumed said dips without any other person in attendance.

I have quite liked Yumi’s for some time, and only discovered them because I have a sister-in-law who is one of those really annoying Gluten & Dairy Free people. Ack! Yumi’s dips are both gluten and dairy free – and I am gluten and dairy free intolerant.

(That is I am intolerant to foods that don’t contain gluten and or dairy …)

They do, however, do a spinach dip, and I LOVE spinach. So I purchased it and fell in love. It. Is. DELICIOUS! I even tried a few other dips in their range and they are all fabulous.

Except the olive one. But I don’t like olives!

Anyhoo, they’re yum! And I did have to test them all again.

Carmen’s and Mamee were there with some snacks for kids school lunchboxes (not something I, personally, tend to do, as some of you already know – and I’ve created alternative ideas over at Real Mums) and Wellaby’s with some gluten free crackers (also surprisingly yum

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