Kids Business, Busy, Important and Professional

Up very early, but not as early as I have had to be up in the past, in order to be on time for my flight to Sydney for the latest in the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch & BBQ series.

Still not confident with the dress I’d chosen, I did a quick recce of my wardrobe and found a frock I’ve had for a while that hasn’t fit me in most of that while. I ‘tried it on” without much hope, only to find it fit me better than it ever has. Repacked bag, ditched one of the two pairs of shoes I’d already packed ‘just in case’ and was good to go.

Grumpy head out to the car whilst I lugged my small suitcase, handbag and drink bottle across the darkened veranda and down the stairs, missing the last one, rolling my ankle and falling flat on my arse.

I sat for a second as a profanity or two emerged from my mouth and waited to see if the pain would abate or keep going.

Don’t swell, don’t swell, don’t swell,

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