Kids, Cafe, Culture – some simple rules


Here we go again, with the rhetoric surrounding children in cafes.

It’s not a new thing. Why, a few years back it was referred to as “Pram Wars” and there was all sorts of vitriol, from both sides, about whether children, and their mothers, be allowed to frequent cafes.

One comment that stood out for me was something along the lines of “now that you have kids, take them to McDonalds!” as though once you placenta is removed, so, too are your taste buds and you are now obliged to eat crap.

I’m sorry. Although I may very well be considered a freak, having kids did not have any effect on my likeness for food, and I refuse to subject myself to prolonged bouts of eating stuff that I don’t enjoy, in places that I don’t enjoy being. Just because I’m a parent does not mean I am not also human.

(Before anyone things I’m judging them about eating at McDonalds, I’m not … I just don’t like it. I also don’t like mushrooms, or

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