Kids have no sense of humour

Arrive home before rest of family, quite unexpectedly.

See, they always have fun without me. I wanna have fun too!

Friend of Monkey Boy’s rang wanting to speak with him.

“Can I speak to Monkey Boy?”




“Why not? I said please.”

“Coz he’s not home.”

Some kids just have no sense of humour. I could have carried it on, but there’s no fun in it when they’re like that.

Eventually they arrive home and tell me allllllll about it.

“So, how was it? What did you do? Did you have fun?”


“Sooooo. What did you do?”


Right. Good weekend then. Now I really wish I’d gone. Then I would at least have known what they did and how much fun they have.

Then I see Monkey Boy’s face, and the great big swelling on his lip.


See. I should have gone. I should have been there.

“What happened?!”

“I fell off the top bunk.”

Oh, man, I really should have been there!

“Yeah, I was trying to climb down head first and Godzilla was trying to push me back up and I fell and banged my mouth on the floor.”

Hmmm, probably shouldn’t have been there. Don’t know that my pelvic floor would have coped with that much laughing.

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