Kids know just what to say

De-cathetered and de-IV’d this morning.


Then they let me up for a shower … ahhhhh, bliss.

I even got a belated breakfast (because the nursing staff forgot to mention I was now allowed to eat and/or order something for me, so the lovely kitchen lady organised some toast for me. Awwww) which I had to eat in shifts as was still quite nauseous. Probably because I now haven’t had a cup of coffee for something like 48 hours.


No visitors all day, and boredom was setting in. All was relieved, however, when grandparents dropped in with my two eldest (and the ‘flu!). Right when I was feeding the youngest. Which made things somewhat difficult, as those hospital beds are just not designed for a nursing mother, a besotted seven year old and a needy five year old.

My dinner was, of course, brought in at this time and consisted of me resting Chippie on a pillow, wedged under the tray table – he has decided that today is a good day to feed every hour and a half – and fighting off two older children with “Bugger off! It’s mine and I’m STARVING!”

Several minor fork injuries later, half the in-laws showed up. Half may not sound like much, but with Grumpy’s family, it closely resembles a Greek wedding.

The immense number of people, coupled with Chippies need to consume sustenance every 3.2 seconds resulted in the Putting Out of the Grandmother and Step-Grandmother, both of whom missed out on cuddles. No doubt this will be brought up at Christmas for the next 85 years.

In-laws depart, kids climb onto bed with me again for a final cuddle before heading off until tomorrow evening.

“Mummy. Your tummy is still very fat.”

Hmmmm. “Yes, um, thanks.”

“Have you got another baby in there?”


“Oh. Coz is very fat.”

Right. You may leave now.

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