Kids Need 3 Dairy Challenge

My kids have been invited to participate in a Kids Need 3 Dairy Challenge, whereby they are to spend two weeks ensuring they receive their 3 serves of dairy each day.

I’m trying to work on what strategies to pull to get them to cut down on their dairy so it’s only 3 serves per day … but that’s an entirely different challenge.

I signed them up for it anway. And not just for the personalise t-shirts that I’m going to make them wear, then take a photo of them ‘matching’ (which is gonna send the eleven-year-old into a paroxysm of embarrassment – mwahahaha).

Partly, I’m doing it to see if they do, actually, consume 3 serves of dairy each day, and where that dairy comes from.

I’m mostly doing it because I really, genuinely care for the health and wellbeing of Australian families and am frustrated at how easy it is and can be to eat relatively well, to get most of your daily requirements of all the bits and pieces you need, and the sheer number of people that can’t, don’t and won’t.

I’m so not a food fascist, and don’t care what you eat or what you don’t. I do care about the extensive impact on not eating “well” has on so many things, not least the person involved; but that’s another post.

I’m also not one of those food nazi people that stands over you and says “how many calories in that?” and “is that organic?” and “do you realise what you’re putting into your body?” – pffft.

Food is way more

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