Kissing Girl, the Little Worm and The Wedding

Up relatively early, mostly because Godzilla was up and singing again. Cheerily.


Oh, and to go shoppping for all the bits we haven’t got for the party this afternoon, like, oh just potatoes for potato salad and lettuce and tomato and various things that aren’t stale bread crusts to feed our guests.

Drag Godzilla and Monkey Boy along with me, the latter only tagging along because his “surely I’m old enough to be left at home by myself for half an hour” was greeted with “sure, and while you’re here, tidy up the lounge room” and suddenly he was very interested in accompanying me.

Arrive home with time to scrub the toilet and ice the cake, not necessarily in that order and am mildly impressed with half-arsed job I’ve done of cake. Honeslty didn’t expect to turn out quite so well, and couldn’t help but be mildly disappointed that it didn’t look more half-arsed as Grumpy will get credit for it anyway.

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