Kitchen Relocation

With Grumpy Pants at a seminar all weekend, I thought this weekend was probably the best one to rearrange the kitchen.

Seeing as Grumpy doesn’t like where the plates are and wants the tomato sauce in a more easily accessible spot.

(I prefer that the tomato sauce actually gets put away and its permanent spot is not on the kitchen bench with no lid on it!)

Given that no-one, except me, of course, can actually put anything away where it belongs, I’m actually quite surprised that the kitchen hasn’t inadvertently just reorganised itself over the last year or so.

But it hasn’t, so I get to do it.

Fortunately, i am one of those anal Tupperware type people, which makes everything easier to move.

Unfortunately, no-one else in the house understands the concept of Tupperware, and children, I have now discovered, are highly incapable of transferring food substances from plastic bags into large, square containers.

They can, however, coat an entire kitchen with half a bag of plain flour.

Majority of kitchen items successfully relocated just prior to us remembering that the gymnastics competition is on today at 3pm.

Rush off to that, Godzilla falls asleep in car and I discover that not only does the camera battery desperately need recharging, but I don’t have that much memory left on the card in the camera.

Grab what photos I can to show Grumpy when he gets home.

A feat in itself, given I had a Godzilla sleeping on me at the time.

Return home. Discover have not relocated kitchen as much as I thought I had. Fight way to cupboards through boxes and bags of a variety of food stuffs that I didn’t know we even had.

Looks like pizza and a movie for this evenings entertainment.

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