Laughing at the expense of others is good for your soul

Walking to school – because apparently it’s “good for you” – with Monkey Boy being all Star Warsy and picking up big sicks and making Lightsabery noises and cutting my head off, and me doing my usual “put the blood stick down, I’m sick of telling you” and Godzilla accidentally getting hit, and hurt, by said stick, me explaining, yet again “This is why I don’t want you wandering around with sticks”, Monkey Boy having restraind tanty, mumbling “Fine then” as he tosses it, then picks up another, smaller stick, when he thinks I’m not looking.

Again we start the “put the stick down before someone gets hurt” conversation, when he points the stick at me and yells “Pew, pew”.

I suggest he do it agian, so’s I can grab the stick out of his hands when he least expects it. He points the stick over his other shoulder, making it harder for me to reach. And harder for him to see what is in front of him.

I reach anyway – for the back of his shirt, so I can prevent the foreseeable. He increases speed and walks DO-ONGGGGGG, into a pole.

I promplty double over and nearly wet my pants laughing.

Well, it was funny! “Funny video” shows play stuff like this all the time. I have NO idea why he got so upset with me and told me I was a horrible mother and the worst one he ever had!

Oh, apparently it’s only funny when it happens to other people that aren’t your kids. Right. I get it now.

Thankfully, Grumpy was there, and gave him a hug and sniggered over his head. Due to the donging or because Monkey Boy was peeved at me, I’m still not sure.

I did give him a hug and check he was ok. When he let me.

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