Learning through experience

The weather has changed for the better, hubby is not working Saturday evenings (for this turn at least) and we had the opportunity to sit, chill and have a coffee, persue the paper and discuss current affairs on our back deck.

There was a cool breeze, we were relaxed and the kids were happily playing inside. Giggling and having fun. No one was getting hurt (yet) and they were leaving us alone.

It was lovely. I could have stayed there, just like this, for hours. Or, at least until Wine O’Clock and I was forced to get some. Then I could return.

Then … this happened:

… and I had to tell Chippie that if he was going to do things like that, I wouldn’t let him play with his big brothers any more.

And roll my eyes a lot when Monkey Boy said “What? What did we do? Anyway, that’s what little brothers are for?”



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