Life Can Change in a Moment

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you.

It’s not intentional, and not that I don’t love you, nor appreciate how you’ve been there (here) for me when I most need.

I could blame having no time, or being tired when I come home. Stress or too much on my mind. Or a whole bunch of other stuff that pretty much amounts to excuses.

It is all of these things and none of these things. It is something that, perhaps, these things have contributed to, or merely been a symptom of somethiing else.

You see, life can change in but a moment.

We generally hear this little snippet of advice when someone has died; tragically, after a long illness, when the person in question is young.

It’s associated with a deep sadness, a loss, a tragedy.

It’s not always like that. Sometime, that moment is blase. Sometimes it is accompanied by a small smile, or even extraordinary ecstasy.

Life can change in a moment for an range of things.

Mine changed because I signed a contract, to perform some work that I love, that gave me an income, that removed some stress from my husband, and that went a considerable way to making the worklives of tens of thousands of people much less stressful, and much more effective and efficient.

In effect, it will significantly reduce workplace stress, and reduce the rate of dissatisified customers of which, I’m fairly positive, a great number of our readers, Diary, are of this organisation.

So it took up lots of my time, it threw my plans and routine into disarray and, without a re-plan and establishment of replacement routines, well, my plans and routine were – are – in chaos.

The last few weeks, quite frankly, with this job have been shit. Incredibly stressful, confusions, conflictions, confrontations and a couple of tantrums (mine, mostly).

I could point fingers and say a heap of shit, but the fact is, I

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