3 Replies to “Life Goes On”

  1. Life goes on
    There are Doctor Who obsessions to nurture, school fetes to assist with, meals to cook, housework to be done, targets to be met
    and all you feel like doing is crying for everyone’s pain, and for your own sense of smallness amongst it
    Life goes on

  2. Wow. From the girl that you held on that dusty driveway, thank you. Through my grief I am so so sorry you had to experience it again at the loss of your friend. However as you said life does go on but for that one excruciatingly painful moment, a life stopped and you comforted me the best way I needed, by just being there and just being you. Kx

  3. It’s true, fortunately and unfortunately, that life goes on. It doesn’t stop to wait until we are ready to jump back on board. “My world has come to a halt, but the rest of the world keeps spinning.” So I find myself choosing between three options. Continue with life in a purposeful manner, enable autopilot for only what is absolutely necessary, or hide from the world and and to hell with what I miss out on during my disappearance – or it is important enough, I catch up on it when hopefully it isn’t too late.

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