I had all sorts of wonderful intentions, not to mention a burning desire, the proverbial Fire In The Belly, to write more. Here and other places. It wasn’t just the laksa I made the other night that gave me belly-fire, and Yellow Curry Paste On The Floor, either.

I still want to, I’m just, well, struggling to Life in any sort of competent way at the moment.

Much as I dislike the story-research qualities journalists have embraced of late, I’m going to take a leaf from their book. Indeed, I am going to give you a post that is pretty much a selection of my favourite I Am Winning At Life status updates from my various social media over the last two weeks.

January, in fact, ended really well …

wal-01Words like “awesome” and “amazingness” were also tossed around.

It pretty much went downhill from there … like this meeting I had with a manger of higher standing than the one who did my performance review.


By “kicked off a meeting” I pretty much mean “I stood up from my desk”. So, you know … the meeting hadn’t really got going before I made a dick of myself.

Not mentioned in my updates was the fact that I was in such intense pain due to who knows what I did to my lower back. So much so, I was chewing leftover Endone so I could sleep.

One of the benefits of a having a high pain tolerance, and ability to heal quickly, means I have leftover Endone.

It also helped to make this incident slightly less painful …


Then there was the weekend …


And back to work the following week, where I was clearly still functioning just as well as the week before. My back was much better and I hadn’t had painkillers for a few days at this point. Didn’t help …


By the middle of the week, I was really doing well … *sob*


And I never know what to feel when a co-worker feels the need to leave stuff like this on your desk on a Friday morning …


Monday, however, is my Pilates day. It’s in the calendar, it is marked as “I’m Very Busy and Important”, and if someone tries to book a meeting with me at that time, it will come up as a conflict.

So, this morning, despite sleeping well past my get up time, dreaming about how I was trying to get to work and not getting in there, and not being on the ball and thinking I may just not go to Pilates because I had lots of things to catch up on, I determined I was going to go to Pilates anyway … because Monday is Pilates day. Then this …


I have a stash of clothes at work, for work and for gym purposes. Inexplicably, I had two sports bras, three sports tops, and zero pants.

I think, given how well January went, that February is just an arse.

Luckily it’s shorter than all the other months.

How’s your Feb going? Any better than mine?


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