Life's Important Lessons

Completely having forgotten the Lack of Food issue of yesterday, I forced myself out of bed in time to commence the saga that is the Making Of Lunches for School and Kinder.

Which is when Lesson 1 was applied. No, not the “You really should be more prepared and have several hundred loaves of bread in the freezer like a Good Mother would do.”

More along the lines of when your husband brings home a banana cake in the shape of a loaf from work, and you cut yourself two slices and whack them in the toaster, and your seven year old says “Daddy, is that banana bread or banana cake” and your husband says “Banana cake” and you quickly step in with the all important information pertaining to the fact that if it were, in fact, cake, then there is no way you would be eating it, because it is not ok to eat banana cake for breakfast, however, as it is now called banana bread it is perfectly ok and an acceptably nutritions breakfast and would he like a slice or two for his?

Then I raced down to the shop to get bread. Which was vaccumed up, leaving me with enough for a sandwich for lunch, and one for Grumpy as well. Leaving me in the predicament of preparing half a carrot for the evenings meal for three of us. Two of whom refuse to consume cooked carrot.


Come to realisation that I have, between now (1.52pm) and 3.17pm to either get as much work done as possible, or to go shopping. Figure that I will wander up the street after doing pickups, collect some form of protein for dinner, along with some vegies, and some bread for the following day.

Which is where Lesson 2 kicked in. The one that usually has the words “I Told You So” running around your head as you are walking up the local streets screaming like a banshee at your completely feral children, then running into that lady from Kinder a few years back that you just really don’t want to look out of control in front of.

Lesson 3 was along the lines of “Kids Will Do Anything to Get One Past You” when we entered the butchers with “I WANT A LITTLE SAUSAGE!!!” being yelled, followed closely with a calm “Well, you’re not getting one while you’re behaving the way you are!”, followed a short time later, by two incredibly calm, polite and well behaved little boys requesting “Can I please have a little sausage?” of the nice man behind the counter. Surely, they weren’t my two little boys, as mine were the two racing up the street, punchiing each other, yelling loudly and running into people.

But wait, where did my two little boys get those sausages from?

Lesson 4 –

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