Lifestyles of the insanely busy

Woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed last night.

Which was a feat in itself.

Grumpy Pants off to play golf whilst my Inner Pissedoffedness battled it out with my Inner He’s-Entitled-To-A-Break-Too … not fun.

Kids at home do to an in leui public holiday, I have a bazillion and one things to do, not least venture out to procure much needed provisions for whilst I’m away, but also to locate two replacement ramekins for a friend. Torn between taking the kids to various facilities for purchasing things and hoping Grumpy got home in time for us to all go together, or me to go on my own and do what needs doing.

I also have to pack for the trip to Sydney tomorrow, to find out more about the Shanghai trip in just over a week, which is interesting in itself as, for some time now, I have coveted from a distance the jet-setty type lifestyles of business people who flit in and out of cities, immaculately dressed and with important looking carry on luggage and looking like they are on an important mission.

That is until I remember that I really don’t like flying at all, and much prefer to be balled up on a window seat and sleeping. This is not conducive to business attire, made up faces and when you’ve had your hair done.

I get to fly like that tomorrow. The smart casual attire and hair and makeup done. Not the balled up wearing old trackies thing.

It turns out we wait for the Grumpy One to come home before setting out on a very long journey to get what we need and not finding it at the first 35 places we stop at. Eventually arrive home where I want to crawl into bed and sleep for days, and recall that I have to pack! Argh!

Set about the task, thinking it will take me hours and four suitcases, remember it’s just me and commence with transferring items from one handbag to a slightly larger handbag; purse, plane ticket, mobile phone, tissues, pens, hand wipes, face wipes, hand sanitiser, a note pad, my diary, a small note pad … contemplate possibilty that I may be anal, and dismiss it immediately. I’m just organised.

That ask completed within 7 mintues flat, checklist triple checked and taxi booked, I believe I can now go to bed.

My final task for the evening is to subliminally fuck with Chippie’s mind, so sit beside his bed for 20 minutes whispering, while he sleeps, “sleep all night, sleep all night”.

I hope it works. I have to be up early so I can dry and style my hair and put makeup on so I can curl up in a ball on seat on a plane.

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  1. Ooh I hate flying, no matter how I look when I get in the plane I come out looking like a zombie. And why does getting on transport all ways feel like an “every man for himself” race?!

    Hope your kidlet sleeps all night, and mine too – that would be awesome.

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