Like kids in a lolly shop – only more traumatic

It’s bound to happen when you take mums away from their families, across to the other side of the world (or, rather, up slightly, into a different hemisphere. Kinda the “other side of the world”, but not technically. It just sounds good).

It started with, for me, waking, looking blearily at the clock on my phone, mumbling about not wanting to get up and needing more sleep what with all the excitement of yesterday, having “just another five minutes”, staggering to the shower, cursing and swearing about feeling like crap despite the relatively good sleep I had and convincing myself I would feel better after my uninterrupted shower, feeling just as crap when I was done, staggering back to bed, still bleary eyed, catching glimpse of hotel clock, which teasingly informed me it was five to five and not five to seven as I had thought.

Fucking stupid time difference I thought to myself as I feel back into bed and slept restlessly for another two hours. Managed “just another fifteen minutes” given I’d already had a shower. And couldn’t be arsed getting up for another. Although the whole “uninterruptedness” was extremely appealing.

Dress in suitable attire, pack new Coca-Cola backpack with new Coca-Cola cap and various other requirements for the day, head down to breakfast and skip around the buffet at the sumptuousness of it all. It appears they have considered every imaginable country in their breakfast preparations, and I was left to contemplate sampling each breakfast cuisine seperately, or just heap a plate with everything. Then go back for seconds. Possibly thirds.

Suitable satiated, it was onto the bus and off to the Coca-Cola KO Lab – the Research and Development Centre, which can only be adequately described as the Coke version of Wonka Land (although we were informed that the actual factories are more Wonka-Landish).

We were treated to a tour of the facility, and, untethered by responsility and being required to set suitable examples to others, we took our mission to Spread Happiness seriously and basically had us some unadulterated FUN! Not quite sure how well Coke Dude was holding up with all our exuberance. We used the “we’re spreading happiness as instructed” argument.

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