Like Son, Like Father

I stumbled out of bed this morning, staggered to the kitchen and fumbled about for my coffee.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of one of the balloon machine guns from yesterday’s adventures. Bits of it had popped, other bits had shrivelled and it was looking decidedly like a large, jaundiced penis sitting on my kitchen bench.

I rub my eyes and look again. Nope, still far to phallic for my liking. So I rub my eyes again, and again, with no effect, so I wander into my office, MUG in hand and do some work.

I’m left in peace for several hours, until just before lunch when I here “Hey, hey, hey, look at this,” from Grumpy.

I do hope he’s referring to my lunch that he has made me.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t. And he just had to come in and show me how clever he was.


I send him off to work after lunch, and collect the big kids from school, issuing instructions to Monkey

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