Lipstick Kisses

Despite the damned annoyance of kids refusing to stay in bed, sometimes they can be just so damned funny!

Which makes it near on impossible to get them into bed.

Like, after the very long day yesterday, Godzilla would not stay in bed. So I gave up after some hours and went to bed myself.

Almost asleep, I feel something wet against my lips.


“Go to bed!” I say, in not technically a fishwife voice, although it could possibly have been mistaken for one by an untrained ear.

“I give you kiss, mummy.”

Bloody kids. How do they know at such an age about manipulation?

“Fine, then go to bed!”

He rolls his tongue, and licks my lips again.

“Kiss then go to bed, now!”

“No. I put lipstick on you, mummy.”

“GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!” (ok that one was a fishwife)

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