Literality is a common occurrence in our household.

It’s that phenomenon where children, usually the pre-schoolers, take you literally.

Like this evening, when Monkey Boy and I were having a lovely read of a lovely book from the school library, where a little boy gets a “peck on the cheek”.

“What is a ‘peck on the cheek’, Mummy?”

Godzilla, with his selective hearing, leaps across the bed and says “I show you” as he proceeds to ‘peck’ me on the cheek with his nose, simultaneously headbutting me in the eye.

I have a bruise to prove it.

3 Replies to “Literality”

  1. Ouch! Double ouch, even!

    I get what you say about literality. I love the word. I have to warn you: this gets worse as they get older and gets melded to the smart-arse gene if they carry one, like mine do.

    “Oh you want me to hop to it, Dad? Ok.” (Slowly hops to room)

    “What’s that Mum? You want me to be kind. Kind of what?”

    “I can’t give you five, Dad. I don’t have any wrapping paper” (?!)

    “No I won’t answer you Mum, you told me before to be quiet.”

  2. Ah, they sound like they’re going to grow up to be great dad’s – complete with cr*p dad jokes – hehehehehe

    I know, DH is the same …

    “How far away is dinner?”

    “About 5 feet”

    (Yeah, hilarious, I know!)

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