Little to report (and a Yankee Candle review)

This weekend was rather uneventful in so far as my life usually goes.

Or maybe I’m now numb to it all 🙂

Basketball grand final occurred at 8.00am Saturday morning. Only we were required to be there at 7.40am. Oh how I laughed and laughed when they told me, give we just manage to turn up at 8.00 each week. “Nice joke, boys,” I told the team manager and coach. Then they advised me they were serious and I had to pretend I was laughing at something else.

Then, with my history of basketball, they asked me to coach next season. And I laughed again. And they told me they were serious. And I was ever so proud of myself when I said “Um, no. But thank you for thinking of me.”

This is a huge step in my Learning To Say No Journey. In fact, I would go so far as to say I’m very near the end of that particular learning, given I now say “no” a lot. And I’m not just talking about to my pre-schooler when he asks if he can have chocolate (pahahahah, let me rephrase, when he says “get me chocolate”) at breakfast time. I have actually learnt to say it and not feel bad!

I’m still to combat the insatiable desire to yell “GOD YES!” every time someone asks me to do someting, or, my other habit, to offer help when someone else is being asked to provide it. My body gets all excited and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to aid whomever is in need. But I sit on my hands, bite my tongue and … deep breath … say “no”.

Guess, what? No one dies, the world doesn’t end, and people still love me. Phew!

Anyhoo, we made it on time (20 minutes early) we lost to the team that thrashed us 44 points the first time we played then, and only 18 the second time. We lost by 12 points. Well, technically, the under 10’s on the court did. I had bugger all to do with it. Aside from, you know, a lot of yelling 🙂

Complete crazy running around of morning with gymnastics and what not and settled in for a nice, hot, relaxing, childfree bath in the late afternoon. Chippie was alseep on the couch and the older two ensconced in a Wii game. I knew my “five more minutes” would be ignored, so used the time to my advantage.

I added some scrumbly bubbles to the bath, and lit the Sgae & White Tea (made with pure essential oils and declaring “this blissful formulat will lift the spirits”) Yankee Candle I had strategically positioned beside the bath so that I may read whilst in there, without having to turn the lights on. Also, it was perfect for creating an “atmosphere” in the bathroom, and hiding any not-as-clean-as-I’d-like bits when guests are over.


The smell was delicious, and just as I lowered myself into the steaming water, feeling each part of my body relax as I did so, the spirits were indeed lifted and a slightly, Just Having Woken 3 year old staggered into the bathroom with that whighy, Just Having Woken whinge, removed his pants, struggled with removing his shirt and climbed in to join me.

I’m unsure if it was the claming, spirit lifting scent of the candle behind my head, but I went with the flow. And with the knees to my whatsit, the elbows to my nipples and the red boat that had been sitting on the side, full of water, overnight working its way across my ample tummy and boobs, only to offload its freezing watery cargo onto those same areas.

I did want to scream and evict toddler from the bath. But I didn’t.

Again, was it the candle? Or am I now just immune to such goings on and they no longer bother me.

Either way, the candle was fabulous when the middlest child came and relieved himself in the loo just the other side of it’s flaming beauty, and when the eldest performed his daily bowel abultion. This performance, of course, may only be this public when I am in a relaxing bath – or as relaxing a bath as possible, with a pointy pre-schooler climing all over you and upending receptacles full of week old water onto my person.

Otherwise, it must be performed in complete privacy, and complete with screaming at anyone who tries to enter the room.

Anyhoo, I was able to complete my bath in a room that was nicely aromaed, even if it wasn’t particularly relaxing, quiet or complementary to book reading …

As far as the candle went … it had a sublte aroma, but strong enough to overpower the smells off a bathroom utlised by three boys, and waft subtly through the rest of the house without causing anyone to stagger back with watering eyes at the smell.

It’s still going … so it lasts, I’m guess, a lot of hours. Probably not a great indicator of how long it lasts, given my “long, hot, relaxing baths” are usually abandoned after about five and a half minutes. Twelve on a good day. Still, its been sitting in the bathroom, and been re-lit a number of times and the smell doesn’t appear to have faded at all. So that’s a bonus in my book.

And if you want to get your hands one one,

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