Living With Dragons

Another Wednesday home with Chippie, whilst he is slowly settled into school.

I never know what to expect really, although I often know to expect something that I can’t possible plan to expect … or something.

Sometimes, it can be total disaster, but mostly it is workable and enjoyable.

He chose to be a dragon again today, donning his tail which he does the minute he gets home from school during the rest of the week, and as soon as he gets out of bed – assuming he hasn’t slept with it on – on weekends and days off.

After telling me he didn’t want to do anything today, he decided a trip to the zoo would be nice after we’d dropped his brothers off.

Tail on, we made our way to the supermarket to get some snacks, something I would normally do before we leave for the day, and head to the zoo. He flaps about, breathing a variety of smoke, fire, gas and boiling water at passers-by or just whenever he feels like it.


It took a fair amount of time to get around, and lots of explaining to others, by me, about his seemingly odd behaviour. Being only able to speak dragon when confronted with others, it is excruciating trying to explain to him he must use his ‘human words’ to tell people he is being a dragon, then he can be a dragon.


It’s tiring, sometimes, although I know it is what makes him feel comfortable and able to interact with others, comfortably (for him, at any rate).

We spent a long time with his favourite animals, the elephants, even capturing a long moment with the new bubba elephant … cute.


After this, he made me hold onto his dragon tail whilst he ‘flew’ around and I did my best not to throw up on his head, what with all the circles and multiple, unexpected direction changes. This was not helping the headache I woke with, I fact, it seemed to be making it worse.


I had to hang on, looping and zig-zagging until we had seen the ‘horse fish’.


Then he, immediately and without warning, wanted to go home.

So we did.

Where he insisted on watching a movie with dragons, then selected

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