Losing his head

Up relatively early, chest still sore, but nowhere near what it was.

Head fluctuating between ok and needing lots of wine.

Kids still having big sleep ins, with exception of Chippie, who is easily bored and manged to work his way into The Forbidden Room, so named because it contains Lego of the kind designed for kids ages 7 and over. I.e. lots of little bits that are easily swallowed or shoved into various nooks, crannies and orifices, or that just mysteriously disappear after being seen by bubs.

Bascially, he is forbidden to go into the room.

He got in, he reconfigured several Star Wars ships and other machiney type things, pretty much by removing parts and throwing them, and then yelled at me for breakfast for a bit.

Monkey Boy eventually woke, had a rant at Chippie for a bit, then changed his tack completely and distracted Chippie by giving him a Lego Yoda to play with.

Numerous discussion and warnings handed out re Chippie and playing with too small Lego, and perhaps “not a good idea” and “Don’t give it to him”.

Some time later “Mu-uuum, I can’t find Yoda’s head.”

Gee, that’s a surprise! “Mu-um, Chippie had it last. Find it you must!”

Getting into the spirit of Yoda-speak, I replied “Much to learn you still have!”

Only it was phrased more along the lines of “When will you bloody learn, I told you not to let him play with it. Find it yourself, and don’t let him play with your Lego, give him his stuff to play with! Argh!”

And spent the rest of the afternoon in the “help me find it – find it yourself” loop.

Chippie, however had moved on and worked on entertaining himself in much more fun ways, like taking nips of my shoulder whilst I was on the phone, leaving nice red marks.

It hurt!

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