Love a fun job

Ditched the kids, raced home from school, showered, spent ages on a business call, made coffee and set about the BIG job on my To Do List for today.

Not just a BIG job, but a very important one that I’ve been meaning to do for ages and will be set in history! Once I’ve got around to do it, that is.

Yup, my author and business bio photos. And not the one’s I’ve had to get Monkey Boy to take just so I had something on my About Us page either. Real, proper shots done by a real, proper photography person.

Sarah-Louise turned up and we had the bestest and most fun time taking some pics. It wasn’t all easy, though, I do believe there was some Running Up Bluestone Lanes In Slippers to be done.

I also think we got some very lovely shots that may be used for all kinds of things; about us pages, author bio pieces, inside cover of books, Australia’s Most Wanted, that sort of thing …

Can’t wait to see them all.

My other favourite part of the day is ticking off things on my To Do List. So I wrote it on once we were done, so I could tick it off 🙂

And a great big HUGE thank you to Sarah-Louise Photography for being so much FUN and letting me be me! 🙂

And to Verily for the lovely top in the bottom picture … LOVE IT!

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