Love your heart. Also, food.

It was with much pleasure that, last week, I accepted an invitation to attend a Heart Foundation Cooking Class set for this evening.

It wasn’t a cooking class organised by the Heart Foundation, but a get together/meeting thing organised by Brand Meets Blog at a cooking school, and some lovely women from the Heart Foundation were also there, sharing some stories and being all interested in what I, and the others there, do with our days.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, back in the olden days I used to be a personal trainer. I managed a corporate gym towards the end of that particular career and was surrounded by large men in suits who had a) experienced a heart attack at some point in their recent lives, b) where verging on having one or c) had recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, heart issues and other lifestyle related diseases that could lead to a remainder-of-life of pain, discomfort, medications and all sorts of things.

(I was also surrounded by a considerably number of extremely buff deliciousness, but that is irrelevant to this post …)

I had an intense interest in these types of diseases and wanted to do what I could; because they were the kinds of diseases that, for the

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