Kinder orientation for Godzilla, despite him having been last year and knowing how it all worked, we still have to go through the process.

A whole hour at kinder. Fortunately, it had been arranged for him to go to a friend’s house afterwards – otherwise, I wasn’t sure how I would go with having to drag him out after the short time and explain the concept of orientation.

Leaving me the afternoon off to go and have a “Colour Analysis” – where I had all sorts of coloured materials draped around and over me, to determine which colours suited me best.

Best of all – I learnt about the ones that make my bum and boobs look bigger (note to self: avoid these colours) and which colours make my eyes stand out, drawing attention away from ample bosom so people looked me in the eye – quite a significant feat! – and increasing the chances of being heard.

Note to self: Wear these colours around hubby more – will try anything to make him listen to me!!!!

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