Our obsession with Harry Potter continues.

I have been placing punishements on the screaming of spells – because, quite frankly, as much as I love Harry Potter, I am quite sick of two smallish children walking around the house, pointing sticks and yelling made up words at the top of their voices.

I think, really, I’m more pissed off that I can’t just wave a wand myself and shut them up. Or yell something at them and make the shut up. Or tidy their rooms.

It came to the crunch tonight, however, when Grumpy had neatly folded all the clothes and the children were putting their own clothes away.

Godzilla felt it was a good time for the “Raining Byjamas” spell, which results in a trail of unfolded pyjamas littering the hallway.

We have yet to discover the spell that picks them up again.

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