Make it stop! Please!

We finally – Grumpy Pants and I – worked out a “structure”. I use the term loosely.

He “plays” with Godzilla on Monday and Tuesday mornings while I get some work done, and I take over so he can go off to work.

Perfect – its working so far. Well, last week it did. And yesterday. Wooo hooo.

I got up, I boot up the computer and poured my coffee. I set about working.

He got up, and his phone promptly rang. He has been asked to come into work a little earlier. Like … now.

Fine. We’ll manage.

Got Monkey Boy off to school, and Godzilla and I came home, where we played a game of Thomas (of Tank Engine fame) Ffish, whilst I had a (business) chat on MSN, answered some emails, sent some invoices and got some other stuff done.

Godzilla, however, was unable to grasp the fact that I could do all this at the one time, and became increasingly agitated that I wasn’t looking at him and/or my cards constantly.

Hmmm, only an hour and a half left of this before kinder ….. will I survive it.

Got him dropped off and got some uinterrupted work time in. Did the school, then kinder, pickup, where Godzilla had to show me a painting he’d done during the day. Gorgeous, but still hanging up. I advised I would pick it up the following day to bring it home, which led to complete meltdown, total unacceptance of the fact that the painting was still wet and that I couldn’t be arsed carrying it home that day.

Teacher came over to intervene and demonstrate to Godzilla the wetness of said painting, satisfying his whim and we left. With Monkey Boy shaking his head and informing me “Kids do that, Mum. They just cry like that.”

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