Makeovers and praise

Woo Hoo! I managed to score an appointment to have my 6 weekly hair cut.

About 6 months after the last one. And I got one this afternoon.

Now to see if I can secure a leg wax appointment. One that I can keep.

Although, with the cold weather, at least my legs are being kept warm.

Get dressed for quick dash to shops (with kids in tow, so Grumpy can have some time to self), scream for a bit to get them to hurry along, and am finally organised to head out.

To find that my artistically challenged six year old, the one who produced ONE painting in a whole year at pre-school, the one who had his teachers paying him to do some writing in prep, and received a “Needs Attention” on his report card for his writing and drawing capabilities, has turned his baby brother into a “pussy cat because he thinks he is one”.

Using a black permanent marker!

What do you do in situations like this? Chuck a tanty and send him to his room? Or praise the fabulous job of drawing a pretty damn good pussy cat for someone who hates drawing?

And is it acceptable to moan in ecstasy – loudly – when having your hair washed by someone else?

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