Making the most of the situation

Still way overtired – all of us, we consume dinner, have arguments over when a good time for the kid’s shower is (I recommend about 4 hours ago, but now would be good. They argue against this) we bribe them into washing.

Anything to get them out of the room and as far away as feasibly possible – feasibly as far as “allowable parenting behaviours” go. Shower it was.

Hop in bath with Chippie, filthy from crawling around pantsless outside for most of the day, and hear Grumpy chatting with the kids.

Unlike me, who forcefully encourages the entire household to lie on the couch when I’m overtired, Grumpy resorts to Military – and sometimes Nazi-like – directive orders. Tonight, he decided the living area not only needed some tidying, but must resemble the living room of an extremely expensive property owned by millionaires and featured in a high class home living mag. Things not just put away, but put away with OCD tendancies and actually sparkling.

The multiple nit treatments I’d conducted over the last two weeks had me scratching my own head numerous times a day, and I was beginning to be concerned that I, too, had them. Again!

I figured I’d make the most of the situation and treat my own hair, whether it needed it or not. Called for removal of Chippie, mooshed treatment through hair, and lay back for ten minutes whilst reading my book.

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  1. LOl! I am so glad it isn’t just my household. I spent a hole week away from hubby and kids and 5 minutes back home I wished I was away again! Needless to say I am feeling it today!

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