Masterchef has nothing on me!

So, yessterday Monkey Boy missed out on fulfilling his Anti-Piss-Mummy-Off duties yesterday, whereby he was to aid me in preparing dinner for everyone, because we got home later than anticipated.

He got to (was “forced” according to him, but I really don’t recall any guns being held to heads, tazers, sharp pointy sticks for poking or even knife waving. Well, maybe some knife waving but not much) help be tonight.

I love food. I love cooking Sadly, I’m neither “great” at it, nor terribly inspirational. Since having kids, the diversity in my meals has pretty much come down to either spaghettie or penne with bolognaise sauce. Present me with 500g of minced beef and I can gaurantee you’ll get one or the other … excpet on really special occasions where you’ll get lasagne!

Sad, really.

Quite bored with the prospect of having bolognaise for dinner, again, yet not knowing what to do with the entire kilogram of beef I had to contend with, I contemplated meatloaf. Never cooked it before. Possibly because, when I was about ten, I threw up in my uncle’s car the night after having eaten my aunty’s meatloaf. In hindsight, I’m sure the two are unrelated, but these things stick with you.

Anyway, I dragged out my cookbook aka asked the Grumpy one how to cook meatloaf and what ingredients would be required. Essentially, it’s like

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  1. Ah yes, the days of twice or three times weekly bolognese. Can mix it up a bit too….plain bol. one day, bol with bacon and mushrooms mixed thru it, bol with diced “whatever is in the crisper that still looks partially edible” veggies mixed thru.

    I have other ideas for mince if you’re feeling adventurous!

  2. A meatloaf volcano – That’s a great idea! My other half would love that lol Kids would probably think it looks cool, but I doubt they’d eat it, not if it’s been cooked by me.

  3. Woogs love meatloaf. Except we call it fartloaf. I do one with a spicy BBQ glaze with red onions – hence the fart part.

    PS you do not need a loaf tin, just a baking tin and then you mould it with your hands into the shape of a giant turd. Easier to carve as well as not as much as a nightmare to clean.

    PPS And that was my Susie-Homemaker deed for the day. x

  4. WWC, oh, yes am very good at the mixing it up.

    Some nights it’s “Oh, for fuck’s sake, we haven’t got any bloody spirals, so you’ll have to deal with penne, ok?”

    Other nights it’s “But I don’t like spirals, so you’ll just have to have what I like, ok?”


    Mrs Woog, hmmmm, Fart Loaf. I think I shall hold that thought and see how long it takes my boys to think of it … shall we place bets?

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