Maternal Immunity? How Immune Are You?

Last week sometime, I had a bit of a ramble about the way the media, and society, perceive mothers.

Not all of it’s bad. Sometimes we’re portrayed as loving, caring beings who do the most amazing things; for our children, for our friends and in the name of running any sort of distance that is often referred to as a “fun run”, however, I feel this is a complete contradiction in terms and currently totally off topic.

Sometimes we are called “supermums” – a term I loathe for a variety of reasons, although appreciate and understand it is said in awe and reverence.

It builds us up to the these impenetrable, impervious to all, larger than life, capable of anything.

Many mothers, I’m sure, feel they are exactly like this.

Anyhoo, I had a ramble about the overuse of the words “monster mum” in relation to women, who also happen to have children, thus the term “mum” or “mother” used in these stories, and the overlooking of mental health and psychiatric disorders in mothers. You can read it

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