Maternity Pics and Belly Tricks

What a fun day!

I was scheduled to have a photographer come and visit a week and a half ago to take pics of my ever expanding belly. But she got sick. And then went on holidays.

Damn her!

Does she not realise I am pregnant!!!

I need these photos done – coz, deep down, I really am a very sentimental kind of person. That, and I live with a family who will quite happily run my battery down taking photos of under-the-bed dust (Godzilla), moment by moment snaps of Thomas (Monkey Boy) or just not take any photos at all (Grumpy Pants).

I’m sure my kids are gonna grow up thinking they never had a Mummy. I’m never in any photos. Unless I take them myself, which requires a mirror for visits to the Eifel Tower, or really close up shots – taken at arms length – with the option of partial tourist attractions sticking out my head, or partial head shots. Take your pic.

All was saved, however, by the appearance of Kelly! Photographer extraordinnaire and really funny chick!

Who had me doing all kinds of fun stuff and giving me the best laugh I have had in ages! Although not too sure, now, how many of the photos we actually got I want made public! Actually – all of them I think.

Of course, the doorbell went at some stage, when I was dressed in pyjama pants and a lab coat. Was only the postie. Who also happens to by my neighbour, delivering a message to my husband. Attempted to explain current getup by pointing at photographer and saying “Ah, er, um, er, er ..” a lot.

He asked me not to explain any further as he’d really rather not know.

And, inevitably, its when she had me nuded up and wrapped in a sheet in the open door (best light, apparently) that the moving van went past. Slowly.

She even got the kids involved when they came home from school. Then had them paint my belly – hmmmmm. Ah, well, at least they cooperated.

And, hooray! I finally have photos of my belly. Nice photos at that.

Well, actually, I don’t have them yet. Do you think she’ll mind me asking her every 5 minutes if they’re ready yet?

She has kids … surely she’d be used to it!

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  1. Not at all projecting anger, Pete!

    I’m just 38 weeks pregnant and a grumpy hormonal cow and can say what I like – so …. ner!


    And, yes, probably one of the most sentimental people you will ever meet 🙂 How come people miss this in me ……?? Haha

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