Maybe getting up wasn't such a bad idea

I considered just not getting up.

The Grumpy one had to go to work early.

I got less than four hours sleep between bedtime and 3am. And not much after that.

The 3am feed set off the pain in the right boob again. So bad I couldn’t sleep.

Monkey Boy’s bathers were on the line. He has swimming every day except Wednesdays, and one pair of bathers. He needed them this morning. It started raining not only before I got up, but before I actually could get up.

I did the usual yelling at the kids; eat your breakfast, get dressed, put your lunch in your bag, stop whinging at me. I really should just record it, its the same every morning. I could then relax with my coffee while the CD player yelled at them for a bit.

The rain stopped. We left for school. The rain started when we got to the corner.

The only fortunate thing was Chippie had his rain cover on his pram.

We did the usual whinging and complaining on the walk to school. Add on some new complaints with the rain. It rained all the way there.

Two minutes from school and the front wheel of the pram decided it would no longer turn.

I lie. It turned ever so slightly to the left and remained in that position.

I pushed the pram home with one hand, holding the umbrella in the other. I only managed use of the umbrella after wresting it from the hands of my children and convincing them they wouldn’t actually need it at school.

Decided to go via the post office box, a ten minute walk out of the way. Pointless, as it was empty.

I was tire, grumpy, my hand was sore and I was seriously wishing I had stayed in bed.

I figured I’d go for a coffee instead. Well, not ‘go’ for one, coz I didn’t have time and was becoming increasingly worried about remaining out of bed given the morning I’d had.

So, after umming and ah-ing about spending the money, I went and ordered a takeway.

Lo and behold, someone was looking out for me.

Tuesday is $1 coffee day at my favourite cafe (the other one). Hooray.

And it was a nice one, too 🙂

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  1. Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds, Pete.

    Guess where I’m going to be all day on Tuesday????? 😀

    Except I have to leave at some point to go pick up kids. Bloody kids.

    Yeah, I love the new look too. Still have some bits to add.

    (And HUGE thanks to Sarah from for the awesome graphics and mind reading!)

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