Maybe the timing wasn't great and plans never go to plan (or Life Goes On)

Sometimes, fate does funny things.

My plans to go shopping for food for guests this evening had, initially, been planned for after Chippie’s afternoon sleep. As with plans, they went out the window when he commenced devouring my post it notes. And we left the house earlier than intended.

I visited the fruit shop, as was intended, and even remembered to get everything I needed. I headed towards the deli, thinking about what I would purchase; guests over always means a nice dips and nibblies platter to kick the night off, and a cheese platter to round it all off nicely.

And round our bottoms off – nothing like a nice triple brie to clog your arteries after dessert.

Friends always know just the right moment to ring you. Always.

A friend rang, looking for a shop. She rang me, because, according to her, I am the guru of that street. What she meant was I’m up their every day (twice, coz I walk the kids to school that way) and would know the shop she was after. I stood at the shop and waved to her as she drove past.

Then, of course, we had a good chat. Still hadn’t been to the deli, coz chatting with friends is important. Besides, I had to pass it again on the way home, so it was no big deal.

And my plans went out the window again.

Shots were fired. The victim died. In the doorway.

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