Military Precision

Today is school excursion day.

I put my name down to go. So did Grumpy. I’m not sure why, as I have no idea how he was going to manage it, given he not only had to pick Godzilla up from kinder, but another little boy as well.

He finally said, at the last minute, that, ok, he probably would have to miss out wouldn’t he? As nothing else had been or could now be rearranged? Um. Yes.

Of course, my comments over the last 4 weeks relating to this went unheeded, and we had a very distressed little boy on walking to school, because, not only did he want his dad to come and thought he was coming, but that the teacher had allocated small groups of children to each attending parent, and he had been allocated children. Monkey Boy was in a tizz about how Grumpy’s non-attendance was going to throw the whole plan into complete disarray.

So, a very thoughtful Grumpy informed me “just tell them I’m not coming.”

Um, NO WAY! You created the mess, you didn’t listen to my suggestions, you sort it.

And off I went, walking the kids to school. In the cold, and rain and puddles. Ah, great day for an excursion.

Arrive at school and gather with children and other attending parents to await our instruction as to how the day was going to function.

All organised with military precision. We were allocated children, lists, itenerary and the rest. The teacher read out the children and which parent they were going with. Parents had either two, three or four children.

Very pregnant parent (ie, me) was allocated four. Very thoughtful.

My own, another grade 2 kid, a grade 4 kid who thought she was far too cool to hang out with a parent and two grade 2 kids, and kept buggering off to be with her friend, whom she had clearly been seperated from for a reason, and a special needs kid who “has a tendancy to run off, so you need to keep a close eye on him. Ok?”

Yeah. Thanks. Hilarious.

On that instruction, we head off, some 45 children and 12 adults, for a brisk (and cold wet) walk to the train station, receive frantic, stressed text message from a friend, attempt to corral children into an area, not easy when they all want to stand along the yellow line to watch the train arrive (in some 17 minutes time) and wonder what the ettiquette is regarding texting whilst in supervision of group of children on school excursion, one of whom is too cool and one of whom has at tendency to run away.

Text anyway.

Alight train, have everyone insist that I sit, being pregnant and all, my legs have apparently developed some weird condition or have disappeared altogether, making it obvioulsy impossible for me to stand. According to everyone else, that is.

Not easy, given my little group had spread themselves across carriage, mostly thanks to Too Cool Girl, and standing made it easier to keep an eye on them. That, and standing in front of and over the top of Run Away Boy also made it easier for me to prevent him actually running away.

If I was gonna lose anyone, I was at least going to wait until we had commenced the excursion proper, and not lose them right at the start.

The day went well. We stopped for morning tea where coffee was readily available nearby (a Coffee Run was immediately organised, then we

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