Mixed Up Muddled Up Day … with Style!

Dragged myself out of bed, cos I really didn’t want to get up, but I was wide awake and there was what appeared to be a demented warthog lying next to me. I could tell it was demented because of the horrendous noise emanating from it.

It wasn’t demented, or a warthog, but my husband. Same same? Whatever, the noise was still ghastly.

After a screaming tantrum over wanting porridge for breakfast, which is exactly what he got in the first place, Chippie went through his usual process of carefully portioning his oats and yogurt into equal parts; the table, the floor, the chair, his belly, his penis (naked breakfasts are the go in our household) and, one can only assume, into his digestive system. He then proceeded to demand the toast I’d put in for me, and happily much away at it, distracted so I could cook my own toast and be afforded the opportunity to, at the very least, smear it in peanut butter with strong hopes that I will get to eat it.

I did, but Chippie

8 Replies to “Mixed Up Muddled Up Day … with Style!”

  1. Wow, my photography skills are improving. Mind you how many blurry and stupid looking ones did you have to delete?

    Was fun and Kai was quite lovely and bless him for thinking I took a smaller size.

  2. You look smoking hot! I wish Coles did Mix at our local but they don’t. I met Kai at a book lunch last year and you are right. FUCKING HILARIOUS! xx

  3. I have great love for that striped circle scarf. My Coles doesn’t have Mix but I will seek them out!

    You look great in the khaki on that stage. How exciting:)

  4. Did you mention a wrap dress in the line? I have been through the Mix Apparel web site 3 times, and still can’t find it. Is it to added for the winter, or did I imagine the whole thing?

    1. Yep, definitely a wrap dress. It is in store, I’m not sure if they have it online yet.

      Sorry I can’t offer more help than that, but good luck. Would love to hear if you get your hands on one and what you think 🙂

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