Mixing Work With Play With Parenting Freak Outs

When one runs a business or works from home, one must make the most of all opportunities.

Learning patience was the first opportunity thrust upon me as I made attempts to confirm the activities of Grumpy’s day. Yes, he had told me last night, but I just like to confirm; usually by stating “So, today you have [insert whatever it is he told me the night before], is that right?”

“Yeah,” he concurs. “I also have a meeting at [time] at [place] with [person] which will only go for one hour [really will go for something three and three quarter hours].”

“Oh?” I ask. “A meeting you say?”

This is new. It wasn’t mentioned last night.

“Yeah, sorry, just forgot to tell you,” I am told. Finally.

Thus destroying all the arrangements pertaining to adequate care and supervision of Chippie and hours in which I may get some work done.

What a surprise.

My second opportunity was to practice stretching the length of my rapidly fraying tether. As Grumpy pants set off for work, Chippie decided he would have a screaming tantrum about it.

Let me be clear; whilst he was vehemently stating, complete with flapping arms, stomping feet and crocodile tears, that he

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