Mmmm, rain, long awaited rain

My car wiper spray thing wasn’t working. Hasn’t been for some time. Which is a bit of a hassle of late, with the very, very light rain we have been experiencing, and the amount of dust in the air.

Basically, I can’t see out the windscreen, and when I do attempt to squirt it, the wipers come on, but no spray comes out, and it smears the dirt over the windscreen and … well, you get the picture.

Kid 1 at school and kid 2 at kinder, so Grumpy Pants decided it was a good time to “fix” the problem. The fact that he comes from a long line of plumbers and is a chef had no bearing on the idea, as he proceded to jack the car up, remove the tyre and remove and fiddle with some bits underneath and inside.

(I’m not quite sure why the wheel had to come off for a wiper related issue, but who am I to question the great master?)

After enjoying himself for some time, he rushes in and advises he needs to go get a new bit and will be back shorlty. Bye then.

Happily working away and I glance at the clock. Its nearly kinder pickup time, and I am bringing 3 kids home.

I proceed to lock the back door, and notice it is raining, so decide taking Grumpy’s car – with a large boot and car seats, is the most viable option. Or, would have been, if it was there.

My car was still up on a jack, with no tyre, although it probably would have held 3 small bikes in the boot. Ring Grumpy to find out how long he will be, and am treated to the sultry ring tones of his phone on the bench in the kitchen.


Lock back door, head to front door, just in time to see Grumpy drive past and yell out the window, “I’ll just go get the kids.”

Great, thanks. Um, I just hope he remembers there’s 3 off them to collect today…

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