Monetising Children, it's soooo worth it

There comes a time in your Mothering Career where you wonder what the reward is.

Sure, you hear all about how their (the children’s) “smiles and hugs” make it all worth while. And then they get past the age of 6 weeks and make your life a living Hell. Hard to see the “love” in your smile when they’re laughing at you because a pair of dirty undies fell out the bottom of your jeans on the way to school, and they’re only hugging you because you told them they couldn’t go to the movies this weekend because they’re being little shits.

Yeah, their smiles and hugs are soooo worth it them.

After some events of today, I did work out how to get something out of them, make it all worth while. Reckon I could get myself a few new pairs of shoes. I’m going to Monetise them. Mostly advertising space.

I’m gonna invoice whatever company it is that Monkey Boy (and on the rare occasion, Godzilla – hmmm, maybe he’s worth more?) mentions, and quotes the tagline on. Like, over the weekend, after spending some outside time with Daddy, he came in, whinghing and complaining that “Dad wants me to go with him to Bunnigs, lowest prices gauranteed, but I don’t want to go!” There’s a few grand in that, for sure.

And this afternoon, Godzilla was accidentally kicked in the head in a school yard accident – a la one boy swinging on something he shouldn’t be, and Godzilla wandering around aimlessly not waiting. Video moment, for sure, only I didn’t have one one me. It left a mark on his head that strongly resembled the Nike symbol. We walked today, so that symbol was seen by everyone we passed. And we go home via a main street, too, so maximum exposure.

Anyone have the email for Bunnings and Nike accounts departments?

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