Monster Mum?

I took a rare moment this morning, to sit with a cup of tea and a quick read of the paper.

Sure, it was a few days old. In my rush this morning, I actually have no idea where today’s paper is, nor do I have the capacity to sift through the piles on the table or in the recycle box to find the latest.

In short, I have very little idea as to what, exactly, is happening in the world.

Of course, reading the papers doesn’t give me an ‘exact idea’ either, but it gives me a relatively suitable gist.

I flipped the page and caught something that caused my Cranky Pants to silently and subtly replace the trackies I was wearing.

(They did need to come off after my walk earlier, and were sweaty and smelly, but that’ll occur when I find a moment to shower …)

From the pages screamed the headline

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